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palm detection?


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Jan 14, 2011
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Penarth, Wales, UK
can i assume the device being able to ignore you resting your hand on the screen when drawing/writing with the Pencil is a software driven thing and not a hardware limitation? in the video demos to date they seem to show both hand hovering above the screen and hand sitting on the screen.

if it's a software thing then no issues, devs will accommodate this. if its a hardware issue then drawing or writing with your hand hovering will be quite an issue.

i'm assuming it's similar to the telephone app that recognizes your ear against the glass.
This is actually an iOS feature. Try this; rest your finger on your iPhone/iPod/iPad screen (not on an icon) and leave it there for a second or two. Now use a different finger and scroll the screen. The screen continues to work as if that first finger isn't touching the screen. This was implemented so that the iPad could detect that the user was using a finger on the screen to help hold the device but avoid using the pressure from that finger as a touch input.

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