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Pages issue


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Dec 21, 2011
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Pinehurst, NC
Before the new version of Pages, the service bar at the top of the page would slide up so you could see the entire work page...now it is fixed and covers part of the page. Is there a setting that will permit the bar to slide up when not needed? Am I missing something? Would appreciate your comments, thanks. Bill


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May 8, 2011
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Dorset, United Kingdom
I've done a bit of searching within the app and I can't find any way of making the bar slide back up like it used to and thus I'm presuming this is no longer possible.
It does seem strange that yours is hiding part of your document; have you tried pulling the document down to see whether that uncovers it (I've added an SS of what should happen in normal circumstances).
If this doesn't happen if may be worth rebooting your iPad. I'd like to point out this is worth doing whenever you have a problem with anything on your idevice. As this is something to do with an app first I'd recommend closing it. To do this bring up the multitasking bar (double tap the home key) and then hold the app till it starts to jiggle. At this point a red minus will appear. If you press this is will close it completely (it WON'T delete it don't worry). It's worth doing this to all your apps every so often as it frees up ram. If this fails try rebooting your iPad. To do this hold the power key down until the turn off swipe appears, swipe this and your iPad will turn off, then turn it back on like normal. If thats also failed you can try doing a soft reset. To do this hold the power and home key till the iPad turns off completely. Now turn it back on like normal (this will take slightly longer than usual but don't worry thats normal). Hopefully this should clear it. If not come back and hopefully we can find something else to do.

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