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Opening .msg attachments on iPad


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May 18, 2010
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I have an iPad set up with our corporate exchange account, and the email is functioning very well. However, occasionally a user will send an e-mail message as an attachment (via drag and drop, most likely) rather than simply forwarding the e-mail message. The iPad doesn't seem to know what to do with this type of attachment (a .msg file).

Right now, I have them open the message on their desktop in outlook, open the attached message and then forward that to themselves. They are then able to open the attached PDF, or DOC or what have you.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Know of a work around? Thanks.
Being that is an "Outlook" file extension, I doubt the iPad is capable of opening it. There is a viewer for Macs, so maybe they will have one for the iPad....

For an attachment to open there has to be a program installed on the machine that is capable of opening it. For example you can't open a PDF without a PDF viewer. So in tins case you can't open an Outlook file without a viewer......

No help to you, but just saying why you are having the problem.... Maybe someone has a good workaround?

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