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Oops ... Outlook Contacts and Calendar went "poof" when synced with iCloud


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Mar 6, 2013
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Alabama, USA
So, while I've been using an iPhone for a while, I'm new to the iPad and iCloud.

Today I stated setting up my iPad and after iCloud successfully put everything on the iPhone and iPad with no problem, I decided "okay -- I'll go with the iCloud control panel for the office desktop (Windows 7 Professional) and just get it all synced up."

Well -- the control panel did it's thing, then when I reopened Outlook 2010 there is not a Contact or a Calendar date to be seen.

It's all there on the iPhone and iPad, but about 75% of my time is spent at that desk with the Windows 7 computer.

My gut says it's in the Outlook Data files, and I see a new one for iCloud.

All of my emails are still in the folders (thank God for that) and my gut says the Contacts and Calendar went to the new data file that I see with an iCloud list of file extensions.

Which leads me to two questions --

1. Do I simply set it as the default and everything comes back?

2. What is the risk that I will accidentally wipe everything out? (Which would be disastrous beyond description...)

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