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One in four iPad customers are new to Apple, study claims


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Jul 27, 2011
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Sometimes it seems like American citizens without an Apple gadget are practically like panda bears in China: Rare, and almost extinct. But a new study shows that Apple still has some conquering left to do.

The study said that one in four new iPad owners is a newcomer to owning an Apple product with no previous experience of other Apple products. Could the iPad really going to change the course of things?

The study comes from the NPD Group and showcases that the iPad and iPhone are slowly becoming more and more popular thus replacing yesterday’s popular gadgets like the iPod. Thirty-seven million people (or 33%) in the U.S. own an iPad. The average number of devices per household adds up to 2.4 per home. Also six in ten Mac owners also work on a PC, while 30% of Apple owners also sport another non-Apple smartphone.

“iPad sales are growing much faster than any other Apple product has this soon after launch. In fact, one-in-five Apple owner households has one— nearly equivalent to the number that own an Apple computer. This demonstrates the appeal of both the new form factor and Apple’s app ecosystem,†stated director of industry analysis for NPD, Ben Arnold.

by Radu

Source: Study: One in four iPad customers are new to Apple | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

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