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One App to Rule Them All


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Mar 3, 2011
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Charlotte, North Carolina
Hello Friends,

I've not been here in a while, but I'm back and I need some help. As I age, I find it so much harder to keep track of everything I need. I have a bunch of apps for a bunch of tasks, but this tends to spread my stuff out all over the place. I'm looking for one darn app to handle my basic daily tasks, and I hope you can give me some recommendations. Here's what I'd like it to do:

  1. provide a simple-to-use calendar that will sync with my school's Google calendar and my wife's Apple Calendar
  2. provide ample space on the daily view of that calendar on which I can write lesson plans, take notes, and create to-dos
  3. give me a way to sync with my email accounts so I can read, respond to, and save email
  4. give me a searchable notebook where I can store the PDFs for my classes or notes on various projects
  5. allow for decent handwriting / inking (I use ZoomNotes now, if that gives you an idea of the level I need)
  6. allow me to create simple databases to keep track of student submissions or budget items
Here's what I've tried:
  • ZoomNotes (no calendar sync and PDF/file management is a bit wonky)
  • Circus Ponies Notebook (haven't used in a while, but I remember calendar didn't work and handwriting was terrible)
  • GoodNotes (no calendar sync)
  • Notability (no calendar sync)
  • Evernote (no calendar sync that I know of, and handwriting not quite there yet)
Basically, I'm looking for a personal organizer/planner/notebook that will allow me to keep everything in one place.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
Sounds like you are looking for the equvilant of Outlook on Windows. To the best of my knowledge there is no equivilant on iOS. Probably the closest you can get is a combination of Microsoft Outlook (email & calenadar) and One Note; possibly with an Office 365 accout to keep things synced.

I have Office 356 and the Office apps, but don't use Outlook or OneNote, so I've no idea how close they come to what you want; but it is where I would start.

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