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Need calendar for events & tasks, iOS & OSX


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Feb 1, 2012
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New York
I trying to find a calendar application to run on my ipad and macbook that has:
  1. Basic events and tasks, preferably viewable together in one view;
  2. Can be sync'd between my macbook pro and ipad2;
  3. Lets me keep my non-gmail email address, and;
  4. Best if it's one application that runs on both devices, but I doubt that I'll find it.
The view I use on the macbook calendar is pretty simple -- weekly or monthly calendar view with tasks listed somewhere, like this:

To make it even easier, all I need for tasks is the task name, due date, and whether it's completed or not.

I've found these:
Agenda (Appsavvy) -- nice interface, but no tasks
Plan & Note (Gocgogo) -- has events and tasks on separate views, but no version that runs on OSX
Calendars 3 (Readdle) -- syncs tasks and events, but only if you use a gmail/IMAP email account
Lotus Notes (IBM) -- requires a Domino server

Anyone have a suggestion?


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