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On it's last legs


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Feb 3, 2012
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I have an old, jail broken iPad 2 still running OS 7.0.6 that's seems to be on the way out. It freezes, some apps like FB just don't load right or crap out in the middle of something, etc. I have no desire to try and upgrade to a new OS or anything like that.
My question revolves around books that I have in my iBooks app. I've gotten a good number of books from other sites and what I do is after I download a book from the site to my PC, I then email it to myself and open it up in iBooks.
The problem is that no matter how often I back up my iPad, the books don't seem to be included in the backup despite the fact that they are clearly on my iPad.
Why aren't they included in my backups?
any ideas?

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