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Official iPad Pre-order List

Reserved 1 - 64GB WIFI
Reserved 1 -32GB 3G
Reserved in my Brain 1 - 17 inch MacBook Pro w/i7 Quad 4
iPad 16gig 3G, Order number W69576729.

Ordered it on April 15th, 2010.

I was originally holding out for revision two but caved in after all the reviews.
Ordered 16GB 3G on April 4th. Now thinking that I may have cheaped-out on memory. So when will version 2 be shipped so I can upgrade?:D
Seems silly to post on here saying "look at me....I pre-ordered an Ipad", but what the hell? LOL :p

Order # W69737666

64gb 3g Ipad




Photo Adpater

and a couple other goodies for my Iphone/Ipod....

Scosche adapter to allow older docks (in my truck) charge the newer devices

Sony Bluetooth headphones (not sure if they work with Ipad...I'm assumning they would...but wasn't interested in them for the Ipad anyway....want to use them with my Iphone mainly

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