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O2 pay as you go


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Jun 27, 2010
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I have just gone to top up the micro sim and it says that it will charge £10 every 30 days. I don't want this so do I cancel it once I have topped it up to stop it charging me every month? Any help would be appreciated!
Sorry I don't know about O2 but I have a pay as you go sim card from 3, so there are other options out there. Just pop in to various high street shops and check what's on offer.

Personally hate being tied into monthly payments.
Bring back the cash economy :)
I don't believe that O2 does what is genuinely "pay as you go" for the iPad. It's a monthly plan that you can cancel at any time. Either £10 or £15 a month depending on the limit. I my opinion this is pretty reasonable.
I'm on the T-mobile network and paid £20 for 6 months Internet on my iPad.
The 3G coverage is way better than O2 where I work. If you need more info give me a shout :)
I am on o2 with the iPad and I pay £15 for a month and I can cancel next months payment via the iPad if I want and I am on the £15 a month for 3GB
I'm on 02 pay as you go in Ireland. €20 for 30 days, no contract and top up when I feel like it.
The one thing I dislike is that the 02 homepage keeps hijacking the browser at irregular intervals when I click one of my bookmarks or try to visit any other site. This is most annoying and I can't see a way to prevent it. Has anyone else had this issue? It will probably drive me to Vodafone when my current 30 days is used up.

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