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News websites - Flash


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May 13, 2010
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Hey guys! I've got my iPad on order in the UK and, for the most part, the lack of Flash support won't affect me. The one thing that I am worried about is watching live news online - at the moment, both the BBC and Sky use flash for their live news feeds. Does anyone know if they are planning to make their live news feeds iPad compatible? Some BBC programs are available for the iphone already, iplayer for example, but I don;t knwo about the news. Sky have an app with prerecorded videos for the iPhone, but nothing live. I've done a quick google search but I can't find much!

Does anyone know about the American news sites? Fox would be a good indicator for me, as Fox and SKy are both owned by Newscorp. Anyone know about CNN or any of the others, whether they have created iPad compatible live news feeds or whether they are planning to do so? Thanks!
I'm still finding big parts of CNN that don't work.

+1 withing Apple and Adobe would play nice.
Flash may or may not go away as a result of a growing iPad market. But new tablet competitors that do support flash shouldn't be forgotten. Apple won't own this market for long.
Once you have 5+ million iPads out there most major purveyors of video won't want to ignore those units.
Agreed, David. The commercial mega sites will likely begin offering non-flash alternatives. But a truly HUGE number of less well-funded sites will just accept their iPad losses and stay with flash.

A lot of training sites, for example, have invested heavily in flash delivery. Some of these would take so long and be so expensive to convert, it just won't happen. That is unless other non-Apple manufacturers also create devices and OSs that don't support flash.

Steve Jobs, IMHO, is denying access to flash for personal reasons. But you know what they say about opinions.

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