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Jun 27, 2010
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San Francisco Bay Area
Hi All! I cannot tell you how happy that I have found this forum!

I have been wanting an iPad since the rumors started that Apple was going to launch. Last Thursday I was with my boyfriend and we started talking about how much we both wanted an iPad. We went to our local Best Buy who sadly was out of stock. If we were willing to drive an hour away, that Best Buy had them in stock. So we did the drive. It shows how quickly they sell, as we were told there were 19 in stock. By the time we got our 2...there was 4 left! So you have to be willing to drive places to get one...or order online! :)

So I just got the basic basic. 16gb wifi. It's plenty for me. If I need internet I have a 3G smart phone...so I passed on the 3G model.

I have been having a ton of fun playing with it. I was worried, as I own an iPod Touch, that it wouldn't be that much different...but it is! It's bigger & better! I love it.

Okay off to the game thread...I need to find friends for We Rule and Farm Story. I am ladikara on all 3.

Thanks for having this forum!

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