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New to ipad, questions...!


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Mar 7, 2011
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Hello All,

I just got an ipad and my first macbook pro not too long ago so everything is fairly new to me. I have a few questions.

Since I dont get flash, Ive been searching and reading that a remote desktop app would be great for watching videos and flash content, like hulu.com, nbc.com. I've tried Skyfire and it was garbage.

Anyway, I saw many people recommend splashtop so I installed it and it's working like a charm. However, I have 2 questions regarding splashtop:

1) How do you guys using OSX access your dock? Mine is hidden and you can't control the mouse like you do in LogMeIn where the mouse is in the middle and the entire screen moves.. so I've been trying to move the mouse over to the edge to activate the dock but no go. Any ideas??

2) How do you access your computer outside your wifi network? I honestly, have been trying to do this for months, starting with trying to open the NAT settings on my Xbox360 but only messing everything up. I don't know how to portforward and find it ridiculously confusing. Would anyone be able to link me to a good video or just help me out in terms of how to do this so i can access my computer from outside my network?

Regarding the youtube app, are there any other youtube apps that are better? The quality is great but the interface is really hard to use. I can't access people's profiles, which allows me to see all their videos and choose which one i want to see (their channels). I can only choose from specific videos or am having to search for the specific video.

There are many subscriptions I have where people post episodes or reviews, study presentations in chronological order or by chapter, and I can't access it like a playlist. Any ideas??

So far, loving the ipad..

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