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Oct 16, 2010
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Hello all!:)

I got my iPad about a month ago after playing with my daughter's while we were on vacation. This is my first Apple device and I am loving it!! (I am seriously thinking that my next computer will be a Mac!). I am definitely low-tech so I was really happy to find this forum.

I live in Montana out in the sticks so do much of my shopping and searching for help online. My kids and grand kids all live in CA so I don't have any hands on help. I will be doing lots of reading here I can see already from just scanning the thread lists!


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Jun 19, 2010
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Welcome to the forum!

Since this is your first Apple mobile "iDevice", I suggest you read through the iPad User Guide. It is available for free in several different formats.

a) As a free PDF download from the Apple website --
Apple - Support - Manuals


This can (and should!) be saved on your computer and your iPad.

b) As a free iBook once you download the free iBook app from the iTunes App Store.

c) Online using the link provided in the Safari favorites on your iPad.

The answers to many questions, especially since this is your first Apple mobile "iDevice", can be answered by spending some quality time with this handy document.

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