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New Supposed iPad 2 Case Pictures Emerge with Possible SD card and HD Output Slots


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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AppleInsider reports today that the same Chinese parts supplier that previously posted photos of iPad 2 cases has now released photographs of some newer versions, which suggest a different layout to the cases that appeared at CES a couple of weeks back. AppleInsider says that one of the spaces in the casing would appear to be just the right size for an SD card slot, while the other space is the right size for an HDMI output or a mini DisplayPort. After fresh rumours started circulating last week that the iPad 2 might have an SD card slot, it’s interesting to see this possibly now borne out in the new case designs.

As far as the possible HD output is concerned, AppleInsider says that the space in question is unlikely to be for a USB port, despite being a similar size, as the iPad’s current Dock connector already supplies a USB signal, which can be accessed via a cable, so doubtful that another port would be necessary. What the current iPad doesn’t have, however, as AppleInsider points out, is an HD video output connection. Presently, the iPad’s hardware outputs are restricted to standard definition video or 1024x768 VGA-style output , both achieved via various cable kits. In short, there is currently no way for the iPad to send an HD video signal directly to an HDTV unless the TV supports VGA, other than wireless streaming to Apple TV via AirPlay.

AppleInsider points out that several other tablets and smartphones are now featuring a mini HDMI output, so it’s not much of a stretch to think that Apple might want to do the same, especially if the rumours of the iPad 2 having a 2048x1536 screen resolution prove to be true.

Another theory that AppleInsider puts forward is that the hole in the case might be for a mini DisplayPort rather than a mini HDMI port, as the former has better signalling features and is already used by Apple in MacBooks and desktop Macs. All pure speculation at the moment, of course, but interesting all the same!

Source: AppleInsider | Chinese supplier floating iPad 2 case with possible SD card and Mini DisplayPort recesses

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