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New Connection-


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Sep 25, 2015
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Hi, as some of you may know, I’ve been hacked- for about the last 10 months...

I’ve been working on this iPad problem 5~7 hours *daily,* I can’t beat it, seems nobody can.

I’ve decided set up my own personal connection between my iPad and the ‘Net.

I’m retired, traveling around the tropics, usually staying in lower-end hotels with lower end WiFi connections... some good some not so good.

But I want to do it right- no more hacking!

I’ve read a bit about it-

So, I’ll need an iPad, a router (which one would be ideal for an iPad?), a *modem! iPad’s have modems??, a couple of Ethernet cables, and a deal with an ISP.

Have I missed anything? If anybody has a link about setting up an iPad-‘Net connection securely, I’d love to read it (yeah, there’s lots online),

Importantly, I want my new connection to keep from being hacked again!

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