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need app to browse and download from my wifi card reader


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Apr 18, 2014
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hi there,
I bought the RAVPower Wireless Filehub and now I´m looking for an app to manage the files on the wifi hub like pictures, movies, pdf, docs and mp3 files.
There is an app called RAV File Hub, its good but I have trouble to upload files from my iPad or transfer files from an SD Card to USB Stick or HDD that are connected to the hub. Uploading files from Ipad to SD Card works fine, but not to an USB Stick an HDD.
So I´m looking for an alternative app to manage the files on the connected devices at the file hub, download pictures to see them in the IOS Picture app and the same for ebooks to open in Ibooks and musik ( mp3 ) to listen to in the musik app.
The app from RAV allow to sent pictures and pdf´s with the "open in" feature this works great but not with mp3 files.
The other way would be very nice, to upload pictures and movies taken with the ipad cam, to the wifi hub to save space on the pad when I´m on vacation because I have no laptop with Itunes to manage.
So the open in/with feature would be nice, and uploading files and access to the picture folder to upload the files to an hdd or what ever is connected to the hub.
I found an app called filebrowser but don´t know, if this app got what I whant to do.

I hope I clearly expressed and sorry for my bad english:eek:

thank you for answer and good night for all, germay time 00:10 @ night.

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