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Navigation issues using utube TV on the ipad pro

Aug 15, 2022
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I'm not tech savvy, but I'm trying. Just signed up for utube TV - using it exclusively on my iPad pro. Set my stations, arranged the order of them, set my favorite teams. Ok. A good start. When I select a show to watch, it appears in the smaller box in the upper left corner of the iPad. I then click on full screen and can watch the show of choice. Beautiful. All is good, until I want to change channels. I can reduce from full screen back to the smaller box in the upper left corner, but how to I get back to My Guide, Home, Live from there?? Can't figure it out!! Ok, I'm an idiot - could someone please assist me with what keystrokes are necessary to get me back so this braindead idiot can change the channel?? Thank you!!

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