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Music on iPad


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Mar 25, 2012
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I have another question please. I have synched my iPad to iTunes on pc, when I click on the music app on the iPad, all my music is showing but I cannot play anything. It is listing all my music in feint print and not bold so think this is why I can't access the music - what have I done wrong and how can I fix this?

Hi deb have u tried to sync it again? To see if that solves it? Make sure everything is selected properly in iTunes and make sure your tracks play in iTunes first as the files may have been moved and iTunes will have a symbol next to your song so when you play it skips to the next track, not sure how it got on your iPad though? Other than check music settings on iPad and restrictions in settings also this is just a suggestion to help while you wait for someone to reply, good luck!
Thanks so much, will give it a go!!
U were right! I resynched and all now playing!! Thanks so much for your help

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