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Moving apps from my Ipad to my MacBook Air


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Dec 29, 2010
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Royston, England
Hey Guys

This is my first time posting a message on this site and i'm hoping you can help. Apologies if this question has been asked but i couldn't find it.

I have an ipad and just yesterday bought myself a Macbook Air. I travel a lot with work and have found the ipad to be awesome, and am hoping the airbook will be just as useful.

When setting up my airbook I was syncing the 2 together and assumed that any apps i had bought on my ipad such as pages, numbers etc i would be able to transfer to my airbook to use on there.

Am I wrong? Do i have to re-purchase these apps for my airbook?

Thanks for any help!
As above, these are two different machines with two different operating systems. iPad w/ iOS and MBA w/ OSX. iPad apps will not run on the MBA and MBA apps will not run on the iPad.
Here in US the Mac app store will be launched on Jan 6th thus we can purchase apps for our Macs.

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