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Most impatient iPad fan goes to..... me!



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Jun 24, 2010
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Grimsby, UK
The wait is awful :( I phoned my Apple store and the guy said that there is a massive waiting list so I'd be better ordering online. So I did that on Friday (2nd July) and the estimated delivery date isn't until the 20th :( I keep refreshing the page daily, to see if it changes to 'This item has been shipped' even though the shipping date isn't until the 16th :mad:

I was going to get a dock, and then spotted the cheap eBay ones.. Am I best getting an Apple one?

Mine was shipped a week earlier than the initial estimate :)

If you are going to buy a dock, make sure its a decent one - don't go for the cheapest. I bought a stand which was very cheap, and there is a reason - it's crap.

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