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Mosaic Wallpaper Designer


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Mar 18, 2011
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Hi everyone!

Today, my newest universal iOS app is released in the App Store! I want to provide you with some information about this easy-to-use wallpaper designer. You can download the app over here!

With Mosaic Wallpaper Designer, you can design unique wallpapers, using your own pictures. Add your pictures to a variety of grids and scale/move them using multitouch gestures. You can also change the style of the borders to you likings. After you’ve seen a fullscreen preview of your result, you can save the designed wallpaper to your device and share it with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. The workflow of the app is designed to be very easy to use. Your device is personalized in no-time!

✔ Design unique wallpapers for your device using your own pictures!
✔ Easy-to-use workflow, no designer skills are needed!
✔ Universal: design wallpapers on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with one single app!
✔ Retina resolution interface and designed wallpapers for iPhone & iPod Touch!
✔ Landscape and portrait compatible wallpaper for iPad!
✔ Share your results via Twitter or Facebook!

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