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More and more European doctors use iPads at work


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Jan 17, 2010
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What isn’t the iPad good for? We’ve heard reports of the device being integrated in the military, in school and even in space to provide entertainment for lonely astronauts. What’s the next field that will be able to enjoy the benefits of the mighty device; you might be curios to find out.

According to data compiled by a pharmaceutical and healthcare market research firm Manhattan Research, 26% of European doctors own and use at work the popular iDevice, who has stolen the hearts of everyone of us. Among the medical population who stated that they did not own an iPad, 40% of them said that they are planning to remedy the situation as soon as possible (the next six months to be precise).

The survey also analyzed the time spent online while being at work. 27% of it was spent on an iPad, desktop or laptop. 55% of the medical professional were using such devices, while 18% of the physicians used their smartphones to browse the web.

The survey included 1,207 doctors based, licensed and practicing in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the UK. The most iPad dependent medical population is to be found in Great Britain, with 31% of them using the device at work. 28% of French and German doctors use the device and in Italy the score is 21%. Spain comes in last with only 20%.

By the looks of the result, it seems like the iPad has a lofty future in healthcare. Pharmaceutical firms have picked up the vibe and some of them, like AstraZeneca, Janssen and Vertex – have been coming up with interesting healthcare apps aimed at increasing efficiency.

Source: appleinsider.com

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