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Monster Killer: Shooter Mayhem Free War Zone on iOS


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Sep 10, 2013
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Hello. We have just released a new game for iOS market and are excited to present it to you.

Monster Killer: Shooter Mayhem is a fun shooting game for children. Yet, it is addictive enough to be played by everyone and anyone who loves shooting monsters.

EN-Monster-Killer-Screenshot-1.jpg EN-Monster-Killer-Screenshot-4.jpg

You need to fight weird, never-seen-brfore monsters through 11 levels until you get to the last one which is a never-ending mode. The developers were kind enough to help you out with three boosters, but you really need to work on your strategy to stay alive. So, are you ready to face all the monsters?

EN-Monster-Killer-Screenshot-3.jpg EN-Monster-Killer-Screenshot-2.jpg

Download the game from iTunes and start your monster mission!
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