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FREE adventure game Mystery Castle for iPhone and iPad!


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Apr 19, 2013
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You have to travel through time, fighting with various monsters in the present, and then go in search of truth on the distant past… Travel concluded the hidden history around of mystery castle the Order of Hildegard and Portal. Behind all of the many tasks and quests, collecting various objects and artifacts, game developers haven't forgotten about the main thing - the process of finding objects are truly involved player into a game.

“…At that time beasts creep out of every crack and most of the Knights are fallen or captured. It feels as though there's no hope…but one day, only you can be the chosen hero, who will change the course of war “- at this way raised the curtain of Mystery Castle history.
Your travel begins with source of the ancient mysterious Order of Hildegard , who was awarded with honor to fight the forces of evil. And finally it was on the verge of defeat (unfortunately, the good guys sometimes lose). At this point the game plot begins to twist wildly and continues to hold the suspense until you pass through all locations.


As you study the mystery castle, you will have to explore the map and its surroundings (Portal). On the map are different rooms, in which the player is gets access as the game progresses. Some of them require a certain level, the other - a special artifact, the third - passing a certain quest. Some of the rooms of the castle will be fully illuminated; making the retrieval objects is more complicated than it seems on the face of it.
Than locations are passing, the complexity of the game increases. If at first you need to find a few objects in relatively uncluttered up rooms, since, this problem will take more concentration and total involvement, because the objects you looked for will be safely hidden in the most unlikely places. But that's not all ... Developers have tried to make your way as attractive as possible - and suddenly on the map appears enemy- monsters, most of them you have to get rid of, only to keep the Castle in safety. For example, you need a certain item to kill the vampire (Garlic).

download game

watch the video HERE

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