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Missing downloaded apps


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Dec 13, 2013
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All of a sudden, games/apps I have downloaded are not showing up on my mini. In the last few days I have downloaded 3 apps and I can't find them anywhere. If I go to the App Store it shows they have been purchased and I click on open, and nothing happens. There are no icons for these apps showing on my iPad screen. Where are these new apps and why aren't they showing on screen? Thanks for any help you can give me.
Are you using ios6 or 7? Do they show up in settings/usage? You sure their not hiding a finger swipe to the right?
I am using iOS 7.0.4. The applications do show under usage. It does not show an option from usage screen to open the apps. Just to delete them. I have finger swiped thru all screens.....nothing there.
Yes I have. After I delete them and go back to my purchased apps and click on the deleted app, it has a place to click "open". When I click on it, nothing happens. Everything worked fine until about 5 days ago. Could I have hit something wrong under my settings?
Is it possible you have age restrictions set? If you have age restrictions set and these missing apps exceed the set rating, the apps won't show on the homescreen.
Also, if the app exceeds the age restriction that has been set, there will be no open button if you look at the app in the purchased list.

To check, go to Settings>General>Restrictions>Allowed Content>apps. If it's not set to allow all apps, select allow all apps and see if that makes any difference.
Got it! Did a reset and now they are showing up. Thanks for your help.

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