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Microsoft's OneDrive App for iPad, iPhone Users Get a new Photos View, Multi-file Selection


News Team
Jun 22, 2012
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Microsoft isn't neglecting the iOS users who have downloaded and are using their products. For those who are new to the service, OneDrive was formerly known as SkyDrive. Microsoft has refreshed the iOS edition of its OneDrive application with a bunch of new useful features.

The just-updated OneDrive version 4.4 comes with an improved Shared view and a brand new Photos view. It now collates all the photos in your OneDrive in one convenient place. Some other new features included in this update are listed below:
  • Updated Shared view
  • A new Photos view of all the photos in your OneDrive (note: You can still find all your screenshots in your Camera Roll folder)
  • The ability to select multiple files to share together
  • File and folder search
  • New account setup within the app
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Previous updates have improved OneDrive with enhancements like adaptive video streaming, encrypted connections, camera backups in the background and other perks.
Thus, with the new app, you can now select multiple files which can then be shared together via a single URL. Also, you can now search for files or folders by name whereas previously you could only search files. The app comes as a 10.3-megabyte download and requires an iPhone, iPod touch and iPad compatible with iOS 7.0 or later for it to work.

Source: iTunes

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