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Microsoft Updates OneDrive App for iPhone, iPad with an Improved Design and Many New Features


News Team
Jun 22, 2012
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onedrive ipad app.jpeg

Microsoft has updated its OneDrive app for iPhone and iPad users with new photo features, the ability to sign in with both personal and business accounts, integration with password managers, search that uses text recognition, and much more.

Let's have a quick look at what's New In this new version:

  • Improved design
  • Create photo albums that enable you to view photos together in one place without copying or moving the actual files
  • View your photos by tags (like “plant,” “building,” or “animal”) created using object recognition
  • Sign in with both your personal OneDrive and your OneDrive for Business accounts
  • Organize and open your OneDrive for Business files
  • Save new files to your OneDrive for Business account
  • Integration with your favorite password manager, including AgileBits, 1Password and LastPass
  • An improved search experience with text recognition in photos and content of documents
  • Addressed issues with audio playback
  • We are working to improve the video playback experience. Thank you fo r the feedback
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
By using Microsoft's OneDrive app on your iPhone or iPad, you can automatically upload photos and videos to OneDrive using Camera Backup, browse all your OneDrive files and files shared with you and also share files by sending a link in email or getting a link to copy and paste.

Speaking of this update, Douglas Pierce, the group program manager of Microsoft’s OneDrive, said Microsoft is now applying techniques used within Microsoft Research and Bing to examine, analyze and tag your photos:

“Our users will have access to automatically grouped collections of photos and they can easily search for specific ones. You’ll be able to quickly find things such as ‘people,’ ‘dogs,’ ‘whiteboard,’ ‘beach,’ ‘sunsets,’ and dozens of other terms. This makes it even easier to add your photos in to presentations for school, to relive a specific memory, or to share something important with all of your friends on Facebook.”

You can follow the link from below to download the updated OneDrive app from the App Store for free.

Source: iTunes

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