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Mercedes-Benz Car Dealerships Given iPads to Maximize Sales


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Jan 17, 2010
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Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz has equipped 40 of their dealers with Apple iPads because they think it will help them to snag more car sales and leases by keeping the customer in their car during a credit application, according to a story in the Wall Street Journal today, via Apple Insider. According to the report, the iPads will be loaded with Mercedes-Benz’s MB Advantage app, enabling dealers to have all the latest discounts and deals literally at their fingertips. Using the iPad will also ensure that the dealer doesn’t have to drag the customer away from the car they’re thinking about buying and over to a desk with a PC. Not forgetting that the iPad will look pretty cool alongside the high-class cars, all adding to the ‘wow’ factor.

“We wanted to bring the mobile revolution into the dealership,†vice president of marketing, Andreas Hinrichs, told the WSJ. “The iPad is consumer centric but there is a business side to it as well.â€

By Maura Sutton, iPadForums.net
Source: Apple Insider
An iPad combines with a sleek silver Benz is a great combo :)

For a moment there, I thought they were giving them to new car buyers :D
That would be a nice give away as we are seriously considering ordering the GLK model when the lease is up in December. Will have to order it in Sept. Maybe by then..... Mercedes-Benz RU listening?
The other advantage is you can take the client on a test drive home, they can park it in the driveway and you can start the financing process in their home so they feel even more in control...

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