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Marware C.E.O. Case update


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Mar 2, 2011
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I know, I know, "You're posting about the C.E.O. case again, come'on man!"

I just want to take a moment to acknowledge marware's warranty. When I updated to the IPad 3 I had to update my case because the new IPad is larger. I've had this case ever since I had the IPad. Cases are very personal and you have to match your likes and dislikes to find the perfect case. This case is perfectly matched to the way is use my IPad.

So here is the deal I normally use the case in portrait mode, since I have big hands I can thumb type nicely and this case has two straps which hold the flap while in portrait mode ( a big deal for me) and another strap used during long term usage to hold the case securely when my hand get tired.

So the corner tab broke on my case, I took a picture and emailed Marware, they sent me a replacement in four days!
Now here is the kicker, one weakness of the Matware case is/was that while in movie viewing mode landscape the IPad would slide out of the grooves(see picture). Well my replacement case has a redesigned groove system that tightly locks the IPad into the slot. Perfection! Thus I had to share.



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Apr 20, 2010
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Fort Wayne, IN
I'm glad you did. The case I am using for my iPad 2 is a slip on style, so overtime, my iPad has become loose. I've been thinking of replacing this slip on case with one that clamps the iPad in place. I also want a case that allows me to prop it up instead of folding the front cover into itself. This Marware case comes in a version just for the iPad 2. So I bought it. Thanks again for your posting.

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