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Mach 3 Composites IPAD case review



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Jun 17, 2010
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The big question is why do they keep hosing our cases down? Lol

Should be an indication on what type of case people would like to see in the future.

Just today I was caught in a heavy rain storm. Had to wait it out for 20 minutes because I had my ipad with me and didnt want to take any chances.

Waterproof or at least water resistant cases are needed and wanted by many, yet no one is making them. The rubber gasket on the Mach 3 case gave me some hopes that one may already be here. Even though it does leak some water, its way better water resistance then any of the other cases I have seen so far. It also floats really well making it a quick grab if it ever did happen to fall in some water, no need for diving in after it :)

Mike we are taking a good look at what we can do to to go water proof or even more water resistant.

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