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Looking for note taking app with specific requirements


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Jun 21, 2010
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Greetings. I know there are many discussions about notetaking apps here, but I have a couple very specific needs and am hoping to get some direct comments on those. I have been using smartnotes since last summer and have been pretty pleased with it, but after using it extensively and dialoging with the developers, there are things it won't do. Do please let me know if you have suggestions for a handwriting capture note taking app that does the following (these things are in addition to all the fairly standard functionality, so please just assume I need all the "standard" stuff as well):

- captures the bookmarks in some form when exporting the notebook to PDF.
- retains or creates page numbers when exporting the notebook to PDF
- allows option of automatically creating and exporting a table of contents that is based on the bookmark list or other user-defined tags/headings
- allows used of the iPad2 camera for document scanning and import directly into the notebook WITHOUT THE NEED FOR A SEPARATE SCANNING APP
- an option to store a notebook in the cloud and allow multiple users to access, edit and update the notebook concurrently (i.e., two writers could each being simultaneously writing separate chapters, then the app would merge the two notebooks into a single consolidated notebook)

Thanks for your help.

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