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List ALL of your apps


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Apr 6, 2011
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Here are some good ones!

I have loads of apps but most of them are craps.

Here is a list of what I found good ones. Many of them are quite common but I still included the description for the sake of completeness. All these apps are free except only one as marked.

Dropbox - To store files online (many iPad apps can sync with Dropbox). Files marked as favourite in Dropbox will be stored locally.

GoAruna - User file manager (all files imported to relevant apps may have their own copies). It can also open (read only) many common known file types eg. Word, Excel etc.

PlainText - For editing text files, can sync with Dropbox

Simple Note – For editing text files. Can sync with own server.

Catch Note – For editing text files. Can sync with own server. Basic formatting (bold/italics/underline) possible.

Locayata Notes – For editing text files. Can sync with Dropbox. However, the file names in Dropbox are system generated.

iBook - To read PDFs and eBooks (can download books from Appstore as well)

Amazon Kindle – For reading ebooks. Some good free ebooks are available. If you have Amazon Kindle, all your purchases (free & paid) will appear within this app.

Flipboard - good reader for lots of news feeds, twitter links etc. You can configure it to show your own blogs, Twitter feeds etc. in a nicely formatted magazine like way.

Cloud Reader – can open PDF and zipped JPG file collections (often used for comics).

Office 2 HD (£5) – Can work with Word/Excel files. Allows tables/images in document. Some complex documents may be troublesome to work with if originally designed in desktop Word. Good cloud integration (Dropbox, Google docs etc.)

Dragon Dictation - Types what you say but often gets words wrong!

Quick Voice – Takes and saves audio notes.

Team Viewer HD - To remotely log in to a PC from iPad.

Terra Web – Alternative to Safari

Atomic Lite – Alternative to Safari

Adobe Ideas - Draw free hand images - use iPad as slate, good for brain storming. Drawings can be exported.

Ideas Sketch

iBrainstorm – can draw freehand and insert sticky note style notes in the slate. Drawings can be exported.

Simple Outliner Free – Can create nested lists with notes. Lists can be exported to CSV/TXT/OPML.

Spring Pad – For keeping short memos, can sync with own server.

Neatlist – Simple to do list. Can sync with Dropbox.

GoTasks – Task list and can sync with Google tasks.

Sundry Notes – Can take text/image/voice note in notepad style environment.

Jot List – can create lists with amounts (which sums the values). Lists can be indented. Backup is possible in Dropbox but the backup file in SqlLite binary format. List can be exported as text.

Budget – Personal expense and budget tracker. Can export data as text.

BBC News
BBC iPlayer – Works only in UK
Sky News – View news/video etc.
Pulse – configurable news feeder

Facely – Client for Facebook
Twitterrific – Client for Twitter
IM+ - For instant messaging with GTalk, Yahoo etc.


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Apr 29, 2011
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My apps keep changing as my needs change, but here are my must have apps.


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