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JAVASCRIPT support in ePub2/ePub3


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Apr 27, 2012
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I think that "iBooks" supports (limited support) JAVASCRIPT in ePub format files.

My question is as follows:

I have created a sample ePub with the following functionality:
By default, Image display shows partial portion of the original image (like thumbnail image) and displays the full and original image after clicking that image.

For the above sample, if first 2 pages contain images that works well in "iBooks" properly (i.e Original image displayed after clicking that thumbnail image) and the rest of the pages (which contains images) displays default image properly but after clicking that default image, it shows only white background without original image.

Is it iBook's Issue or JAVASCRIPT issue? (All images work properly in SAFARI and all other browsers)

Note: I tried to download "iBook's JavaScript "ibook.js" and "fixedlayout2_1.epub" which were specified in "iBookstoreAssetGuide4_8.pdf" but unable to download them.
Could you share me anyone direct download link to "ibook.js" and "fixedlayout2_1.epub"?

Kindly advise how to solve this problem. Also advise if some other method available for the similar functionality.

I have attached a sample epub for your reference and hope the favorable response.

Raja. S


  • Sample ePub with JAVASCRIPT.zip
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