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How to convert PDF to ePub for iPad iBooks

zamzar.com is also a nice file converter, it works for pdf file, you may get it for a try.
Am I missing something? My iBooks accepts pdf's

Please tell me if i'm being dense lol

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Ye it accepts PDF but not with the covers etc

It's nice to have them look like a book and not a piece of paper

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Aha, only slightly dense then lol

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Lol if you have time to create the ePub then fire away if your not that bothered about the look of it then keep the PDF :) I prefer the covers though looks better lol

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The ePub book I create from pdf with Calibre, line and paragraph have mixed up. Until I found this instructions from google to show skills to transfer pdf to iPad 2 , the tool helps me create an ePub from pdf with well preserve content and layout!
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Hi I'm new to IPad. How do I convert my PDF files or import my PDF files into the IPad? Do I use a PDF reader or IBooks to read the files?
Hi I'm new to IPad. How do I convert my PDF files or import my PDF files into the IPad? Do I use a PDF reader or IBooks to read the files?
Did you read the first post on this thread? The posts that follow should help as well.

There are a number of PDF Apps designed to display PDF files if you don't need to keep them in your iBooks App. GoodReader is probably the most popular but iBooks can also handle them if they are converted.
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As others have said you can convert them using Calibre. Great application. I do know that you can read pdf in iBooks but you do not get the extra functions, such as tap a word to get a definition, or to copy and paste elsewhere. I've just converted all my Open University Text books to iBook format for this main reason. I had them all as PDFs but it was a hassle looking up stuff. Also iBook format is 'a nicer experience' and more like reading a book book.
What about convering PDF or DOC to ePub directly on iPad? Anyone tried it? I've been trying to minimize PC use to check if I can lreplace it completely by iPad and this is the one of the simple things which should be possible. Unfortunatelly I can't find the way. I tried some combinations with Pages, QuickOffice, Dropbox, Box. No way. I would appreciate any hint.

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