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Itunes browsing


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Jul 9, 2010
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Itunes browsing tv/movies

My problem is that when I try to search television shows and movies all I seem able to browse is new and noteworthy and other such categories, even when selecting by genre it only shows me the newest stuff. My question is there a search all, and I mean ALL and not just all the new crap, option somewhere that I am simply overlooking?

I've got money in my account just waiting to spend on things but I would like to search through everything before choosing so that I don't wish later I had spent my money on shows I couldn't find or think of at the time.

The option must be there somewhere...right?
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Jun 19, 2010
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As far as I can tell, there does not seem to be a way to see their entire catalog of TV shows on either platform. Agreed, they don't make it as easy using iTunes on the iPad as it is by using the iTunes program on the computer. Your best bet would be to search for the specific show you want... or get the new Hulu app.

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