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Issue With Options When "I" is Missing Space After It Or a Letter is Typed Between "I" and Next Word


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Mar 6, 2014
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Is anyone else bothered by the issue of suggested replacements for "misspelled"'words when there is simply a letter between the word "I"and the next word or no space berween the two words? I tend to hit a letter on the bottom row a lot, rather than the space bar, or no space at all because I tapped too low. It usually gives you "I" and a space and then the next word is capitalized. You can't just select the correct option because it makes the second word capitalized too.

Using "Inknow" as an example for this post, I tried to do it in Pages and I did not get that issue with the second word being capitalized as an option. With Pages, it would give the following options for the "Inknow": Ink now and Ink-now. But I did not get "I know" as an option. With Pages, if I type "Icannot", I do get the correct option of "I cannot". Weird I do not get "I know" for an option to correct "Iknow" in Pages.

When typing an email and I type "Inknow" instead of "I know", I get the following options: I Know, Ink now, or Ink-now. But none of the apps or web sites being used give me "I know". When typing an email, if I type "Icannot" instead of "I cannot", I get this one option to use: I Cannot. I still have to back up the cursor, which at times gives me issues, to delete the capital C and make it a c. Or I have to back up the cursor to add the space. It is not always easy to scroll that cursor over, especially in some of the apps, or certain websites, or when using my iPhone. Why doesn't it consider that there may be a space missing between two words, or at least after a capital "I" and give an option with a space and not capitalize the second word? It is very odd.

I hope I explained this well. I know I have not given every example, but has anyone else had this problem with the second word of two words, first one being "I", and the second word also being capitalized? I have turned off auto correct. Most times when I have the red underlined word showing a possible typo, it works fine with options so you don't have to retype anything, but when the issue is with a space missing between the word "I" and the next word, or the word "I" and a letter instead of a space before the next word, I never get an option for the word "I" and the space and next word in lower case. It just seems odd to me and is quite an annoyance.

Using iPad Air with the latest iOS and iPhone 5. This has been bothering me since I purchased both, so it does not seem to be a new iOS issue. I had these for quite a few iOS updates. The phone started with the good Google maps pre-Google Apple feud. I just could not figure out how word this.

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