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Is This an iPad 3 Display?


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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And now the iPad 3 part photos are really starting to come in thick and fast! No sooner had the rumour appeared that Apple might be considering using Samsung’s IGZO displays for the next iPad, MacRumors prints leaked photos that were posted to a Korean forum that are said to be of an iPad 3 display panel. The picture shows two iPad displays, with the top one being from the iPad 2 and the bottom one said to be from the iPad 3. They are the same size (9.7†across), but MacRumors points out that the bottom iPad has a different cabling configuration, and suggests that the three wide ribbon cables attached to the iPad 3 display might be there for additional data bandwidth purposes. If the iPad 3 is to have a high resolution screen of 2560x1600, i.e. four times the pixels of the iPad 2, it will surely need the additional data bandwidth, so that sounds like a plausible explanation.

Source: Leaked Photo of an iPad 3 Retina Display? - Mac Rumors

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