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Is there anyway to upgrade my Ipad 2 from ios6 to ios7 and NOT ios8?


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Feb 19, 2015
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I have an Ipad 2+cdma with ios6.0.1 installed on it currently.

I have a specific app that works in ios7 but not in ios6 or ios8

The app is KeyPad Plus Pro https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/keypad-plus-pro/id503713794?mt=8

This version ios 6.0.1 causes this app to crash (on attempting a manual network connection to TightVNC the app crashes). However the app will not work with ios8 as stated from app developer. (I also have an Ipad mini+GSM with ios 7.0.6 on it and this same app works flawlessly. So I know it will work with ios7.0.6)

Is there any way to upgrade from ios 6.0.1 to ios7 but not ios8?

I have tried installing ios 7.0.6 to this ipad using Itunes and shift/restore using a downloaded ios7.0.6 version but I get an error (3194) saying the Ipad could not be restored. It seems my only option is upgrading to ios8.1.3

Is there ANY way to install/upgrade to ios7 onto this Ipad without upgrading to ios8?

If I brought my ipad to an Apple store would they be able to put ios7 onto it?

My ONLY options seems to be to buy/find another an Ipad with ios7 already installed on it.

I'm kind of stumped here.

Any suggestions or ideas?

iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1, cdma version


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Dec 3, 2011
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I'm afraid that the only iOS version you can upgrade to is iOS 8.1.3 at this time. The signing window for iOS 7 closed last September.

I've also deleted the duplicate post you made on this same topic as duplicate posts can fragment any resulting conversation making it hard to follow as well as being against our rules.

All I can suggest is that you contact the developer of the app and ask if he's got any plans to offer iOS 8 support.
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