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is there a way to find in what folder is an app?


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Jan 16, 2012
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is there a way to find the location folder or icon I created in which I can find a given app?

how can I do this with the ipad2 or itunes? or with some specific app?

Why would you? If you're serious enough you should check jailbreaking. Ssh or iFile could help, but you need to understand what jailbreaking is. Look in the ipad hacking forums for info and help.
Here is a trick I noticed the other day.

With you iPad connected to the computer and selected in iTunes, go to the Apps tab. Double click on an app in the app lis and it will automatically change the screen display (to the right of the list) to the page and folder the app is in.

You need to have been keeping your iPad synced with iTunes, of course.

Sorry, but other than that all I can recommend is a systematic search of your folders.

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