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Is There a Good FREE App for Photo Organization?


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Jun 27, 2011
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I want to create folders and move selected photos into the folders as I choose. If there is a good app for this, please reply. If there is a good way to do it using the basic stuff that comes on the iPad2, please help me out. I have read the instructions and did a search and found a lot of stuff to read but now what I wanted. I moved a lot of photos from my camera chip to the iPad and --- what a jumbled mess it is. Thanks for your patience and time.
You can now create folders for photos in your camera roll on the iPad (since iOS 5.X.X). However, if you're hoping to move photos to those albums, you're out of luck. Creating additional albums in this manner only provides a "link" that enables the OS to determine that, in addition to the camera roll, a particular photo is viewable in another "album." Thus, if you delete it in the Camera Roll it will be deleted in other albums.

If you want to create albums that contain duplicate copies of photos in the Camera Roll in other "albums," there are lots of apps that do that (though I know of no free versions.) But once again, those photos are copies of what exists in the Camera Roll and can be viewed and managed only through the third party application you use to create those albums.

Finally, if you wish to create photos that are in the albums you create and are NOT present in the Camera Roll, you'll have to do that manipulation on your computer (by moving photos from one folder (including the camera roll) to another.) If you do that, the separate albums will be viewable through the standard iPad apps but you cannot accomplish this task on the iPad, alone.

Want to manage photos without such PITA's? Get a computer.
There are quite a few free photo sharing/storage sites. Many of the apps to view and organize those sites are also free; so as long as you are not fixed on having the photos on the iPad for offline viewing, that would work. Some of the more popular sites are Flickr, Picasa, and Photobucket. The best apps for these do tend to cost a couple dollars, but as I said, there are free ones too.

I know there are free photo apps in the App Store, but I seldom hear them mentions. All the good ones that I know of cost money, though again, not all that much.
I don't use any myself, but the ones most often mentioned on the site are Photo Manager Pro, Photo-Sort, and Photo Shack Pro. There are probably a few more, but my memory is't that good. You can always use the custom Google search bar at the top of the web site to search for photo organizers and related topics. The subject comes up a lot, so there should be plenty of threads to peruse on the subject.
I use photogenie it is easy to use and send images by email .only 5 images at a time but I like it.
Allows you to crop ,adjust and resize for sending.
I found an app called Linkus Photo Privacy ( I think that's right ) ....The app on the screen says "My Photos ". and I know it is by Linkus.....

have used it only a short time but so far I am happy with it and does what I want ----so far that is.

And it is free...

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