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Photos and Alblums from PC to iPad issues


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Jan 2, 2011
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I just got my wife an iPad for Xmas and even after reading all the posts I can find on transferring photos from my PC to the iPad using iTunes it still becomes a chore as its not plain and simple. I did create on my PC a specific folder named 'iPad Photos', into which I then moved the 6 folders of photos from our reunion, wedding photos etc.
When I go to 'Snyc Photos from' and choose the iPad folder on my desktop I get the listing of folders below after I hit the 'Selected Photos' radio button.
So far so good.......... Now comes the rub...
After I select the folders I want copied I get the attached message alert that iTunes is now going to replace the album I already have on the iPad with the new ones. I DON'T WANT TO REPLACE, JUST ADD NEW items!! How much more difficult can they make this??
When I watched the promo video before buying the iPad it looks great. Just add new albums and photos and keep everything all organized.
Am I on the right track or is there something easier to do this with??

Thanks guys,

Tom in PA


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Welcome to the unpleasant world (In my opinion) of the Apple Sync & iTune.

You see. you can't move pictures from the PC into iPAD on Sunday, and then come Friday to add to these pictures some more.

Every move you do needs to include All the directories of ALL the pictures you want to move with those you moved in the past.
If you miss one directory from your PC, the Sync will delete those pictures from your iPAD .
That is why you are getting this warring.
If it is the first time you do it - Ignore it.
If you already have some pictures on your iPAD - Be cerfull
Thanks for the info.
After 2 hrs of combing this forum I finally got it figured out and it works OK. I just got done adding 7 new albums and then going back and adding an 8th with no issues.

Wonderful forum,

Thanks guys,

Tom in PA
Glad to hear it.
Your wife is going to love the iPAD, and you are going to "steal" it from her from time to time:)
Remember that you are not really transferring pictures, per se. You are syncing photo albums. When syncing you are making the iPad match the PC. So always keep the photos you want on the iPad checked in iTunes. If you want to remove an album from the iPad, uncheck it in iTunes and sync.

Well put Nate. Once you get your mind wrapped around this principle the rest is easy. The PC is just storing all the album info and the iPad sync just does that, it keeps the contents of iPad 'in sync' with the changes to the album contents.
Once you set aside a specific folder to hold all the various albums you want transfered the rest is easy and works good.

Tom in PA
Just one more remark.
While performing the SYNC task, Apple's iTune
is doubles the space (at least on Windows PC), of your pictures.
If initially the Pictures directory's size was 2 Giga. After the sync operation it becomes 4 Giga. The 2 extra 2 Giga is kept in a new directory name iPod Photo Cache, and I assume that it is also moved to the iPAD.
Every JPG file is "creating" *.ithmb which stands for iPod Photo Thumbnails Image. These are the "ICONs" of the small pictures you see - What is called "Thumbnails ". upon clicking the Thumbnails , the iPAD is retriving the original JPG picture, and open it to the screen.

Unfortunately there doesn't seems to be a way around it.
So . If you have a 16G iPAD and lots of pictures, take that into account.
The best apps for photo tranfer is aiseesoft file transfer, to be installed on the pc. cost us25. (transfer both ways ipad-pc-ipad). just usb connected between them, viola!
Have you guys gotten any cell phone videos to transfer to movie app on iPad??

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