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iPhone Wiget - NOT iPad Widget Request For Help


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May 4, 2010
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Warwick, RI
I've got the best advice and most help for my iPhone right here on this forum so after having NO luck getting any help from the iPhone forum I again, turn to this forum for advise and help.

Prior to updating my iPhone 5 I had the HTC Animated Weather Widget working beautifully. But, alas, I upgrade IOS to 7.04 and lost it.

I'm looking for what ever would put HTC Animated Weather back on my jailbroken iPhone 5 with IOS 7.04.

This is what it looked like: (the site seems to upload the image, but I don't see it). Broken?
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Moving the question to the sister forum does not change the fact that your iwidget is incompatible with the API changes, and that unless you or the developer addresses the changes that makes it functional on iOS 7, you will not get the widget running

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