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iPad usb to tv

You can't steam any sky channels from an ipad it's to stop you getting round subscription .

Totally wrong. Further to my last post to you. Go online, as I have just done and have a look at all the apps that Sky have put for download on iPad. Also for phones. All their channels are available for streaming on iPad and the films. My friend in the shop tells me he puts the ski footy on his tv from an app thro his phone. I notice ur a novice like me. Don't worry I am only just learning all this myself. beeps
Do you pay sky or does your mate if your mate the ipad use is for him not to share
Do you pay sky or does your mate if your mate the ipad use is for him not to share

Max pack your nonsense up. I don't answer to you for what I do in any way whatsoever especially if it's legal. We have a subscription between us which is perfectly set up and legal. You are wrong so stop trying to have the last word. You said Sky does not allow streaming and it does. Sky also have free apps that really are free and give all the footy info u can eat. Now this is my last word on this, let me be clear about this for the avoidance of any doubt or confusion, if you think it is any of your business then report me thro The forum and we'll take it from there. Is that clear enough for you?
Go on then wast your money trying to get sky from your ipad to your tv

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