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iPad to Garmin

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Dec 23, 2012
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I would like to be able to use my Garmin nuvi 2460 to feed the GPS function of the iPad and it is listed as being compatible.
There are many places in the US and Canada where cell coverage is nonexistent. We overheard one young lady asking how to get out of Big Basin Redwoods state park because the GPS function would not work, well no cell coverage. There are many hundreds of miles of the western US with no cell coverage. I like our Garmin a great deal and it should be able to feed to the iPad 4 via the blue tooth. It does recognize it but does not pair.

OK why is this important, to be able to find larger details and information or even use Allstays LLC. Or to input way points or...
This would be used by the chief navigator when traveling.
If necessary this could be done easily with a PC can it with the iPad?


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Apr 28, 2011
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Hmm....I can't say 100% this won't work, but I have never heard of an iPad being able to link, via bluetooth, to a Garmin Nuvi. Just because both have bluetooh doesn't mean they can link. They have to be designed to link. The Nuvi will let you link to phones (for hands free) and stuff like that, etc. but if it linked to an iPad about all it could do is send audio (it's not going to send map data or gps data). I know there is the Smartlink App, but AFAIK it is only available for Android and it doesn't do what you want, either.

There are bluetooth GPS receivers you can buy which will let your iPad get a GPS signal from the receiver via a bluetooth link, and when combined with appropriate mapping software will let you do some, most, or all of the things you are wanting to do. I link provide a link if you are interested. The receiver works well when used with an iPad.

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