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Ipad Photos App prints with left and righ edge cut off


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Aug 12, 2010
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New York
I had recently printed out some photos from my Ipad. I thought something was wrong with borders or centering, but didn't know exactly what the problem was. I just printed a screenshot that I took from one of my Words with Friends games and see the issue.

I took a screenshot the normal way, hitting the home and power buttons simultaneously. The picture shows up in the "photos" app. Nothing is missing in the picture. It represents the complete screen. I used the option to print to my HP Photosmart 5510 series. There are no configurable options, except the number of copies. The print job comes out as follows:

Portrait mode, Centered to the very top of the page. I can't find any measuring tools, but it appears to take up a little more than 50% of the page going down. The real problem though is the borders: The Bottom border is correct, accurately representing the bottom of the screenshot. The top border is missing the part of the screen showing the wifi signal indicator, time and battery percentage. The left and right borders are the worst, each missing most of 1 of the letter boxes, around the length of 1/4 of a thumb.

Nothing is wrong with my printer, as when I email the picture to myself and print it from my pc with the Windows Office Picture Manager, it prints a full paged picture, with perfect left and right borders, not missing any information. It is missing the same top border as the bad ipad print job, and it cuts off a drop of the bottom border, but neither of these have anything to do with the app screen, so the exclusions are tolerable.

What gives? Is there some way to get the Ipad 'Photos" app to print better pictures, or is the print feature of the app known to suck? If so, are there any recommended apps that I can get my screenshot photos into that will print better?


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