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ipad mini 6

There’s been a lot of news about the iPad Mini 6 refresh issue. I just wonder why it has this when my Mini 5 doesn’t display this issue? I hope they sort it by the time the next one comes out as I’ll be due for an upgrade by then!
As often happens with Apple, there is a great deal more fuss than the issue deserves.

It affects pretty much every LCD tablet with a low refresh rate of 60Hz or less. It is typically more pronounced in one view over the other, due to the direction the video lines refresh. The iPad Mini 6 shows it in portrait view. The current iPad and iPad Mini 5 shows it in landscape view. It is easier to spot in portrait, due to the long vertical view. Someone saw this, posted what they were convinced was a big new flaw in an “APPLE” product. Most of the other news and videos are people telling everyone that, “yes it exists”, and “no, it’s not a new thing”.
Thanks for that. I’ve got an iPad 3, iPad Pro 10.5 and an iPad Mini 5 and never noticed anything like it. I understand that many of the Samsung tablets display the issue.

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