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iPad Mini 4 Okay four Google Maps?


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May 2, 2022
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Hi all :)

I have an iPad mini 4 that's not being used to much! As the screen is bigger than that on my phone could I use it for Googlle maps in my motorhome? Would it be powerful enough etc?

Any comment appreciated :)
I would have thought it would be big enough, but keep in mind it would need to to be a WIFi plus mobile data version.
Thanks for the reply :)

Excuse me for this numpty question - how can I tell whether my mini 4 is WiFi Plus mobile?

There’s also a black plastic strip along the top of the back of the iPad. It covers the cellular antennas.
Thanks very much for your replies both :)

I don't have a SIM inserted in the Mini, I guess I assumed it had GPS built in! I wonder if I connected to my phones hot-spot if it would work.



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