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iPad Magician Simon Pierro Appears on the Ellen DeGeneres Show


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Apple loves showing us all the brilliant things you can do with an iPad, but check out German magician Simon Pierro who really has found a very magical use for his iPad!

Business Insider UK reports that Pierro appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres show yesterday and amazed Ellen with his incredible iPad magic.

During his appearance, Pierro seemed to pull lots of stuff out of his iPad, such as apps, and some photos. Even better is when he takes a straw from his friend who he is FaceTiming, drinks his friend’s drink with the straw, and pours his own drink on his friend’s head!

Pierro had the following to say about his epic performance, and in particular his “iPad selfie” with a twist on a post on his own website:

“After showing Ellen some of my best tricks, it was time to show off my newest illusion: an iPad selfie. As I stood in front of this enthusiastic audience, I commented on how lovely they all were and then asked if anyone would like to be in a selfie with me, in honor of Ellen, whom I called ‘the Queen of Selfies.’ The audience screamed even louder than before as I chose two audience members and snapped a quick picture of them and me together.

“When I ran back to the stage, I asked the audience to give me a count of three, and on 3, I flung the electronic selfie pic into what looked like a digital picture frame next to Ellen on the set. But that wasn’t a digital picture frame at all — I grabbed a physical photo of that selfie out of the frame, which surprised Ellen so much, all she could say was “WOW!” Next, Ellen ran into the audience with the photo and autographed it for those delighted and astonished audience members.”

And he was clearly as thrilled with the whole experience as we were watching it!

“All of Ellen’s staff was so friendly and accommodating, and we had a wonderful time working with Ellen’s staff, and especially Ellen herself. What a charmer!”

Sources: http://uk.businessinsider.com/ipad-magic-tricks-simon-pierro-ellen-show-video-2015-2


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