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iPad Connection Kit


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Mar 9, 2012
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I'm heading for a trip and I want to watch series but, you see, 16GB iPad2 is 900$ in my country so I couldn't afford 32GB and 16 isn't enough for that. Anyway, is it possible for me to put videos on a SD card , connect and watch them on the iPad? If it's not, is there any way for that? Appreciate your help. :)
I would suggest not to bother with an sd card if your talking about full length feature films. What you need is something like the WiFi GoFlex Satellite. With 500gb capacity, you can load it up with movies and play them on your 16gb iPad. Currently, you need a computer to load the GoFlex.

There are other WiFi solutions with smaller capacity. Check out several at amazon.com.
I have the wifi goflex and am quite happy with it. If you decide to get one, download their app too. It makes access very easy. I also use the buzz player hd app to play movies. It can access the goflex directly. As I stated before, you'll need a computer to load the goflex as you currently cannot write to it from the iPad. Hopefully, that will change. Some people have indicated that Seagate is going to provide an update to allow writing to the goflex with the iPad. If not, there is a group working on a hack.

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